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Many people around the world love to watch free movies, but not all of them would go to cinema. Most of them prefer to watch films from the comfort of their couches or in their beds in the late night before sleep. This is absolutely normal, because most of the people prefer to watch their favorite films in a quiet and comfortable place with a bowl full of chips and enough cold beer. Usually, this place are our homes. So, when we talk about watching films online at home, most of us want them for free, if possible of course. Here come the websites that offer such films online for free. Some of them are with direct access to the films and some of them will ask you for registration and log in. I personally prefer direct access, because it’s quick, easy and free. When you watch films on such websites you have to know that most them if not all are free, but they also have expenses so they need some kind of way to monetize the traffic, to fund their existence. Advertising, all these banners, the boring pop-ups and popunders are the source of income for such websites, but that’s the way these websites are still alive and running. So, don’t get mad when your screen get loads of pop-ups and popunders. Don’t worry, just close them and proceed to your movie. You have to be careful, because some of these advertising could be dangerous for your computer if your curious enough to open these annoying small windows, so don’t click on them. When you type in search engine “Watch latest movies” you’ll get many websites where you can watch movies for free. These websites are good because they always survive DMCA and despite all infringement reports, they always survive. Movie studious get enough money for their movies. The truth is that free movie websites support the vast majority of the population who live outside the cities. If you don’t have cinema in your town or village, you surely have internet. So, if you want to watch latest blockbuster you should go to the nearest city or the nearest town with cinema in it. What if this cinema is 50 miles away or even more? Visiting such cinema will cost you much more than a cool home stay in front of your laptop or tablet and the comfort of your home or the place you are staying. The other advantage of these websites are the opportunity to watch your favorite movies on the go, wherever you have internet access, but for best and smooth performance you’ll need very fast and stable signal - Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. Well, I hope you understand how these “illegal” sources of entertainment support every day the boring life of many people around the world and that they are like life saver for people living in distant places far away from the civilization. Also, these websites will stimulate Hollywood to produce more quality content, not just the next garbage movie. So when people want to see if it’s worth to go and give their money for a ticket at the cinema, to be able to see if the whole movie is really that good, like the trailer. Many trailers are made in a way to lure the audience and make them go and spend money in cinemas, but actually the movies are boring and wasting your time and hard earned money… and that’s where all free movie websites come up. Also, remember that many times you can watch latest movies or copies of upcoming blockbusters a week or sometimes a whole month earlier before its official release at the cinemas. Of course, the copies of such movies are mostly low quality cams, but who cares when it’s free!? If you like the movie, then just go and watch it at the cinema, right! Enjoy your movies… absolutely for free ;-)